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Non-Surgical Joint Regeneration (Prolotherapy + Oxygen therapy):

What is Prolotherapy with Oxygen Therapy (O3 Restore)?

Prolotherapy with O3 Restore is a vitamin & ozone injection.  It provides a safe minimally invasive alternative to surgery. O3 Restore is a permanent treatment for many kinds of chronic pain and other degenerative conditions. Prolotherapy is derived from the Latin word “Prolix” which means to rebuild, regenerate or proliferate.

How does it work?

Prolotherapy with O3 Restore involves the injection of nutrients and anesthetic (lidocaine, procaine, and/or marcaine) into the affected area followed by ozone (O3). The injected ozone increases the blood supply & flow of healing nutrients. It also stimulates specific cells that are involved in synthesizing collagen & cartilage that the body uses to repair damaged ligaments & joints. The regeneration of tissue helps to strengthen & tighten injured tissue, stabilizing the area & removing the cause of pain.

What is O3 & why is it used? 

O3 is oxygen (o2) with an extra molecule. So instead of 2 atoms of oxygen, we use 3 atoms or (o3). O3 increases cellular activity to an almost unbelievable rate. Combine that with its 100% kill rate on all bacterial, & viral microbes it eliminates the risk of infection that often accompanies other injections into joints & tissue.

What can I expect?

Response to treatment varies with each. Much depends on the extent of the injury, whether the injury is acute or chronic, as well as your bodies healing ability. We caution patients to expect some increased discomfort for the first 24-48 hours. This is part of the body’s healing response, & is generally exhibited by an inflammatory reaction which is the natural response of the body. It is the inflammation that causes discomfort. We ask patients to avoid the use of ibuprofen during this time, as this inflammation is desirable & part of the healing process.

What conditions can be treated?

Back and neck pain, with or without degenerative disk disease. Shoulder pain from rotator cuff injuries, osteoarthritis of the hips, knees, & spine are among the commonly treated ailments. Sciatica, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, TMJ, tennis elbow, & sports injuries have all been successfully treated with Prolozone Therapy. It can even be used as scar therapy. If you are experiencing pain, ask us about Prolotherapy with O3 Restore.

How many treatments do I need? 

A number of treatments depend on the extent of the injury and varies between each person. We usually see results within 3 to 6 treatments and number of treatments can be assessed by one of SKIN's qualified doctors to determine which package best suits your individual needs.

Downtime: None

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