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Are You Taking Enough Vitamin C?

Ok, so cold and flu season is upon us and you may be reaching for the Vitamin C, but did you know the dosing of Vitamin C matters?

Also, did you know humans are not able to synthesize their own Vitamin C?? (along with goats and monkeys) So it's really important to have sources of Vitamin C in your diet!

How will you know if you're deficient in Vitamin C? Some symptoms may include weakness, bleeding gums, joint and muscle aches or leg rashes. You can also test your blood via a micronutrient panel.

Let's review what Vitamin C is good for. Vitamin C helps to repair and regenerate tissue, aids in the absorption of iron, increases collagen, quenches free radicals- due to it's anti-oxidative nature and of course is a good anti-viral.

When using this super vitamin to boost the immune system, we like to suggest as least 3-5grams (that's 3,000-5,000mg) of Vitamin C/ day. If you do happen to experience loose stool, just back down the dose a bit. You'll also want to make sure to check with your doctor on this dosing if you're on any type of blood thinners such a Coumadin or Warfarin.

Click here to check out the Holistic Health Hackers video on Vitamin C!

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