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The Most Important Male Mineral You May Have Forgotten About!

That's right! We're talking about Zinc! The forgotten trace mineral that is responsible for over 200 enzymatic reactions in the body. Some of our favorite things zinc does? Zinc is responsible for sperm production and testosterone metabolism. That's right men. Experiencing infertility? Zinc increases sperm count and motility. Zinc is also awesome for for the skin! Zinc helps to speed up wound healing and decreases acne. Not to mention zinc also helps to boost the immune system from it's anti-viral and anti-oxidant activity. Zinc is a super star!

How the heck do you know if you're deficient in zinc? Let's look at those fingernails. See any white spots? Hangnails? Poor wound healing around the fingernail beds? You may be deficient in zinc. How smart is our body??

So how much zinc are you supposed to take? The recommended doses are as follows:

Zinc dosing:

Infants: 2-3 mg/day

Children: 3-5 mg/ day

Adults: Men- 8-11 mg/day Women- 8-9 mg/day

Pregnant- 11-12mg/ day

Lactating mothers: 12-13 mg/ day

Therapeutic dosing: 15-150mg/ day.

Remember, you may experience nausea/ vomiting if you take zinc on an empty stomach. If taking more than 50mg/ day you may need to supplement with copper as high dose zinc can cause a copper deficiency. Check out the Holistic Health Hackers section for our video on Zinc!

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